Horrible Song Remakes Rant!

2009-01-03 12:11:55 by toadmancody538

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard one of my favorite songs starting so I stayed and listened. A quarter of the way through the song I noticed that the song was not done by the original artist. It was horrible! It ruined that song for me! If any artists out there are about to make it big want to redo a song DON'T! Good songs are meant to be only ruined by the drunk artist himself/herself on stage. NOT BY A SHITTY BAND! I hope you all get beaten with your albums! Burn in hell, you fucking bastards!

Thank you for your time,


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2009-01-03 12:13:28

i have 2 agree with you


2009-01-03 15:51:26

Lol "how do you compile binary" - your fail amuses me.

(Updated ) toadmancody538 responds:

Dood that has nothing to do with this post


2009-01-03 17:42:28

Fuck you stop ratting my flashes down!!
So fuck you mother fucker!

toadmancody538 responds:

That also has nothing to do with this post.